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What We Can Achieve Together

Higher User Adoption

When CRM Centers of Excellence group user benefits into the 3 categories of professional, productivity and personal goals, CRM user adoption accelerates.

That's critical as user adoption is the prerequisite to all other CRM objectives and results.

More Software Utilization

Most companies use less than 25% of their CRM capabilities. That's a missed opportunity, and an opening to dramatically improve user, customer and business outcomes with your existing investment. When more users adopt more of the software, CRM ROI increases.

Higher ROI

Research finds that the top CRM Centers of Excellence pursued the most significant cost reduction and revenue growth opportunities in parallel and achieved a median ROI of 85%. 

That ROI is 1.5X higher than their lower performing peers.

A Better Way

A CRM Center of Excellence (CoE) maximizes scarce resources with deep skills by centralizing their efforts and disseminating their insights, knowledge, best practices and reusable assets throughout the company.

That increases value, reach and impact with CRM technologies and programs that would otherwise be out of reach. It further standardizes best practices, business processes and the delivery of consistent customer experiences.

When the company seeks to shift from incremental advancements to order of magnitude improvements, and significantly increase CRM user adoption, software utilization and ROI, a CRM CoE is the go-to method. And Johnny Grow is the go-to Salesforce consultancy to show how it's best done.

Salesforce Center of Excellence Target Operating Model

Our Salesforce consultants have been helping clients implement Centers of Excellence for almost two decades. We have a Best-in-Class Target Operating Model, a proven 6 step design and implementation framework, project accelerators and best practices that speed time to value and deliver the most impactful results.

And to de-risk our programs, we round out our services with program management, organizational change management and governance oversight.

How to Design and Implement a CRM CoE

CRM Center of Excellence White Paper

A CRM Center of Excellence supports a shift from routine CRM software operation that delivers incremental improvements to much higher utilization that drives increased user adoption and technology ROI.

That's powerful because better CRM utilization drives improved marketing conversions, sales conversions, customer satisfaction and year over year revenue growth.

Download this White Paper to learn how to design and implement a CRM Center of Excellence using a proven 6-step framework.

Your Salesforce Center of Excellence Starts Here

If you are looking to get more value from your CRM investment and scale those benefits across the company, we have some options.

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