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Use CRM Best Practices to Accelerate Revenue Growth

CRM best practices deliver big for industrial companies. For example, the trifecta of strategic account plans, price optimization and alliances are shown to deliver double digit revenue increases in less than two quarters.

Use Salesforce to Improve Product Innovation

Industrial companies that use CRM to collaborate with customers during product design, manufacturing, distribution, sales and service lower their R&D expense and create more valuable products in shorter cycles.

Use Cloud Platforms to Simplify and Lower IT Cost

Manufacturing technologies built on a common cloud platform automate end to end processes, simplify data management, lower IT costs, future-proof technology investments and increase ROI.

CRM Manufacturing Consulting Specialists

CRM for manufacturing companies is different than other industries. Inventory, asset and resource-based industrial companies have unique requirements that are only satisfied when CRM software is designed for their business models.

CRM software capabilities needed by industrial companies include things like customer insights to support product innovation, Partner Relationship Management (PRM) to aid indirect sales channels, CPQ software to accelerate highly configurable quotes and orders, guided selling with intelligent promotion for up-sell, cross-sell and bundling, Field Service Management (FSM) to grow higher margin revenues, IoT to measure product performance, AI to achieve predictive analytics and seamless integration with ERP systems to support end to end transaction processes.

And unlike most industries which prioritize new customer acquisitions, manufacturing business models are more geared to increasing repeat business with existing customers. They source more revenues and have longer relationships with customers. That means manufacturing best practices such as improving customer lifetime value and lowering customer churn take on increased importance.

Implementing Salesforce for Manufacturers is Our Business

We have earned a niche leadership position in the industrial sector. We are Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud consulting specialists. We are Salesforce CPQ consulting specialists. We are experts in leveraging CRM and manufacturing cloud technologies for increased labor productivity, customer engagement and business growth.

Manufacturing Technologies for Growth

CRM software is the application that most drives manufacturing revenue growth. When CRM is appended with CPQ, PRM, field service management, IoT and other manufacturing technologies, it creates a comprehensive technology platform that delivers improved simplicity and effectiveness at a lower cost.

That's what the Salesforce platform does. And that's why it is both the market leading CRM and manufacturing cloud platform. We are experts in deploying the below applications for manufacturers and industrial companies.

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

A sales to service manufacturing solution that manages leads, quotes, orders, sales agreements, account-based forecasting, partner collaboration and more

CPQ Salesforce

A Configure, Price, Quote guided selling solution to deliver timely and accurate product configuration pricing for quotes and sale orders

Salesforce Field Service Management

Improve how you monitor, manage and maintain assets and stay ahead of costly failures by shifting asset management from repair and replace to predict and prevent

Salesforce Partner Relationship Management

Empower indirect channels with lead to cash data and process integration to drive more demand through the channel

Salesforce for Direct to Consumer Manufacturing

D2C applications enable manufacturers to monetize the entire product life cycle and create a quantum leap to company growth

Salesforce for Innovation

An innovation information system to prioritize ideas, track prototypes, forecast market acceptance and measure program success

Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Salesforce Revenue Cloud brings together CPQ and Billing, PRM and B2B Commerce capabilities to help manufacturers take control of their revenue growth across every channel

Salesforce IoT Cloud

Make products intelligent, extract digital data from physical assets and use that data to improve customer experiences with a flexible platform to store and process IoT data

Salesforce Blockchain

Salesforce Blockchain is integrated with the CRM platform to allow customers to build their blockchain trust networks, data, and apps using low code/no code tools

An Onramp to the Most Important Business Outcomes

Design Thinking Workshop
Design Thinking Workshop

Design Thinking Workshop

When it's time to implement or step up your CRM software or manufacturing cloud, a one-day Design Thinking workshop will surface a prioritized list of the most important and highest impact user, customer and company outcomes.

These outcomes become your onramp to improved revenue operations and company growth.

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How to Get More Value from your Existing Salesforce Investment

CRM 2.0 White Paper

A shift in design goals will engineer the business outcomes that most satisfy users and customers, and thereby unlock more of your CRM software capabilities, grow user adoption and empowerment, and better engage and serve customers.

This White Paper shares the Salesforce 2.0 Framework — a 4-step process to shift CRM from a technology-focused transaction system to a business transformation solution.

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