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Use Salesforce AI to Accelerate Company Growth

AI brings prescriptive insights and recommendations to revenue engineering, sales execution, sales cycle interventions, revenue leakage, price optimization and many more revenue generation programs that accelerate company growth.

Use AI to Increase Staff Productivity by 20%

The CRM Benchmark Report found that when Salesforce Einstein automates repetitive activities, prioritizes tasks and streamlines workstreams with guided execution, it increases staff productivity by 20% within two quarters.

Use AI to Convert Data into Your Most Valuable Asset

AI converts data from an byproduct to an information asset and routes that asset to the right person at the right time. It also detects patterns so that information reporting shifts from historical to predictive.

Salesforce AI Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

What separates AI in the manufacturing industry from most other industries is the vast amount of sensor-based data. IoT and AI give industrial companies a real-time understanding of how their products are being used by customers. When combined with CRM customer segments, they learn how different types of customers use the same products differently.

IoT and customer data can be applied to innovation programs to improve products and services, post-sale programs for reactive or preventative field services, customer support for improved customer experiences and asset management to shift asset programs from repair and replace to predict and prevent.

When implementing AI manufacturing solutions, it's important to recognize that technology takes a back seat to the business use cases and financial outcomes. The smart approach is to define the high value use cases that deliver quick-win pilot projects and enough payback to fund the AI journey.

A 3 Step Approach to Maximize Artificial Intelligence for Manufacturers

The Johnny Grow AI Framework integrates industrial use cases, measurable business outcomes and AI technology. It's a three-step sequence to demonstrate how AI drives the most important performance results.


Start with the Use Cases that Deliver the Biggest Results

Succeeding with AI is less about the technology and more about the bottom-line results. That's why we start with prioritized business outcomes and then assemble the use cases, data, and technology to achieve them.

As an example, several use cases are shown below.

AI for Company Growth
AI for Company Growth

Prepare Your Data

Data quality is a prerequisite to AI success.

Customer and product utilization data can be the company's most valuable asset. However, they decay at about 2 percent per month so without a data maintenance program that asset can quickly become a liability.

A data quality program ensures account, contact and product usage data is accurate and complete, secured and available to those who need it, and in compliance with company policy and regulatory requirements.

And because different data becomes compromised at different times, you also need continuous data quality measurement. To aid data quality programs we generally use a data quality dashboard.

CRM Data Quality Dashboard
CRM Data Quality Dashboard

The data dashboard surfaces data quality variances in near real-time so they can be remedied before they exacerbate and spread to multiple systems.

Recognize a 10 percent increase in data quality will outperform a 100 percent improvement in an AI algorithm.

Companies have lots of data.  But most do not effectively use it.

To do better, you need to assemble a data transformation process to convert raw data into insights and actions that improve business programs. A sample data transformation solution architecture is shown below.

Data Transformation Pipeline
Data Transformation Pipeline

Data becomes an asset when it is converted from a raw material to a finished product of information or insight. Only then will the data provide answers to powerful questions such as how to improve your products, expand your brand, grow the pipeline, increase sales win rates, deliver differentiated customer experiences and increase customer lifetime value.


Apply Artificial Intelligence Software

Now you can apply artificial intelligence technology.

This step is greatly facilitated by leveraging CRM platforms that include integrated tools such as Salesforce Einstein AI. These cloud systems remove technical barriers and put AI configuration into the hands of business analysts.

Salesforce Einstein


It's helpful to recognize that CRM and AI are highly synergistic and work better together.

CRM and AI combine to produce better products and customer experiences. These results then grow customer markets, repeat business, customer share, and other objectives that serve both the customer and company.

CRM with AI benefits include efficiency-based cost savings and improved staff productivity. However, the much more strategic benefits include using data to identify customer behaviors and align company actions to improve innovation, increase customer engagement and grow customer affinity.

AI and CRM are more than a convergence of customer data and analytics processing. They are a synergistic relationship which shifts customer engagement from reactive to proactive and elevates data from a byproduct to an asset.

When combined with artificial intelligence, CRM software shifts from a customer data repository to a predictor of customer behaviors, creator of customer insights and facilitator of customer and company objectives.

Implementing AI for Manufacturing Companies is our Business

We are experts in using Salesforce Einstein to build better products, penetrate new markets, increase lead acquisitions, grow the sales pipeline, improve the sales win rate, deliver differentiated customer experiences, and other use cases that drive company growth.

We have the high impact use cases, performance benchmarks and Einstein expertise to connect data, insights, actions and outcomes.

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How To Get Started

AI Proof of Concept
AI Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept

If you have an AI use case or business scenario in mind, we can bring it to life with a Proof of Concept (POC).

POCs are normally quick exercises that deliver working solutions that verify success measures and can be expanded upon. POCs shift AI from a concept to hands-on reality.

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