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Implement Salesforce with Sales Best Practices

When sales best practices are integrated with CRM, sales productivity increases, more sellers achieve quota and the win rate goes up

Design Salesforce with Marketing Best Practices

Marketing best practices with CRM drive higher campaign conversions and a seismic increase to the sales pipeline

Apply Customer Service Best Practices

CRM with customer service best practices increases repeat business, customer lifetime value and customer retention

Salesforce Best Practices for Construction, Engineering and Architecture Companies

Using CRM to grow an architecture, engineering or construction (AEC) company is much different than using it to grow a product or inventory-based company. Solutions are less tangible, buyers are more skeptical, outcomes are less certain and sales cycles are longer.

That's in part why strong client relationships directly correlate to revenue growth and profitability far more so than product-based industries. In the AEC industries, Customer Relationship Management software achieves it's namesake description and other important business outcomes when configured with CRM best practices, such as the following:

  1. Customer experience best practices drive customer affinity and grow customer relationships. When CRM software applies these methods to harvest, distribute and apply customer data at each customer interaction, companies deliver relevant and personalized experiences and realize a whopping 356% ROI.
  2. Brand and company differentiation are critical to stand out and avoid commoditization and downward pressure on fees. CRM software can aid brand development with its customer intelligence sourced from historical sales data, Voice of the Customer programs, customer segmentation and brand metrics.
  3. Precision marketing is a best practice that conveys business outcomes messaging to highly targeted audiences and fills the sales funnel with more qualified opportunities. Research shows that marketing campaigns targeted to the ideal customer profile (ICP) or target audiences realize 2X higher lead conversions, 38% faster sales cycles and 19% higher sales win rates.
  4. A sales methodology that leads with buyer insights, applies customer intelligence and solves for the customer is a highly effective best practice in the AEC industries. When CRM software is integrated with a sales methodology and prescriptive sales process, sales win rates increase by 11%.
  5. Customer services delivered pursuant to plan, with transparency and clear measures of success, and achieve slated business outcomes improve customer satisfaction by 39% and repeat business by 79%.
  6. Revenue Engineering applies customer and sales data to make revenue generation predictable and deterministic. Sales and marketing research show revenue engineering within CRM acquires 2.5X more leads for the salesforce, sources 3X more of the sales pipeline and achieves a 2X higher Marketing ROI.

These are only a few examples of using prescriptive methods to accelerate time to value, decrease risk, increase CRM ROI and drive AEC company growth.

Implement Salesforce with CRM Best Practices

CRM recommendations without supporting data are just opinions.

A smarter approach is to adopt evidence-based best practices which are born from research findings that show what the Best-in-Class AEC companies (i.e., the top 15%) did to outperform all others — and how they did it.

CRM Best Practices
The 9 Highest Impact CRM Best Practices | Source: The CRM Benchmark Report

Best practices drive service company growth using repeatable methods. They shift unsupported ideas that lack measurable execution to prescriptive guidance that achieves forecasted results. And because best practices are data driven, they can be modeled to show investment, cash flow impact, time to value and payback.

A single AEC best practice will deliver incremental revenue growth. A collection will deliver exponentially more.

Best Practices

Optimizing Salesforce is our Business

There is a big difference between using Salesforce as an activity-based system and maximizing Salesforce to achieve business outcomes. We do the later.

We are experts in designing Salesforce to increase lead acquisitions, grow the sales pipeline, improve the sales win rate, deliver differentiated customer experiences, grow customer lifetime value and other best practices that drive company growth.

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Salesforce Fit Assessment

with gap analysis, measured fit, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and projected CRM ROI

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Fixed Fee Consulting Services

To make investments predictable and reduce the risk of cost overrun

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Salesforce CRM Strategy

A strategy engineers the software for the most important user, customer and business outcomes

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Implement Salesforce Best Practices

Apply evidence-based Best Practices to get more value from your Salesforce investment

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Salesforce Center of Excellence

Standup a CoE to scale CRM reach, value and impact throughout the company

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Salesforce for Innovation

Use Salesforce to improve products and services and drive innovation

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The Most Important CRM Implementation Success Factors

CRM Implementation Success Factors

You need to start with clear goals if you expect measurable outcomes. Only with defined goals can you engineer CRM software to achieve the most important business results.

This research-based White Paper shows how CRM software success is maximized when the implementation is managed with an adaptive framework that is flexible but steadfast on the 6 overarching critical success factors.

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Design Thinking Workshop
Design Thinking Workshop

Design Thinking Workshop

When it's time to implement or step up your CRM program, a one-day Design Thinking workshop will surface a prioritized list of the most important and highest impact user, customer and company outcomes.

These capabilities become the measurable success factors to demonstrate improved CRM value. This workshop is specific to CRM for architects, CRM for engineering firms or CRM for construction companies.

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