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Grow the Sales Pipeline by 1.5X

Research published in the Sales Excellence Report shared life science and pharma sales enablement Best Practices that collectively grow the pipeline by 1.5 times

Increase the Sales Win Rate by 5%

Increasing the sale opportunity win rate by only a few percentage points creates immediate, significant and sustained revenue growth

Improve Sales Growth by 23%

Research also revealed that sellers who applied real-time customer data to their sales account plans grew annual sales 23% more than sellers who did not

Biotech, Medical Device and Pharma Sales Enablement

Sales recommendations without supporting data are just opinions.

A smarter approach is to apply evidence-based best practices. These methods are validated by industry research, offer prescriptive guidance, include purpose-built measurement systems and maximize technology automation.

Below are the top 9 sales best practices to achieve the four goals of increasing the pipeline, sales win rate, salesforce quota attainment and company revenue growth.

Sales Best Practices
Sales Best Practices | Source: Sales Excellence Report

In the life science industries, sustained revenue growth is not achieved from a single tactic. It's earned from a combination of proven methods. And it's maximized by adopting the right mix of evidence-based best practices that work together and go beyond incremental and often temporary results to deliver transformational sales growth.

A single sales best practice will deliver incremental revenue growth. A collection will deliver exponentially more.

Grow Sales with Data Driven Insights

Increasing the sales win rate is one method to create significant and sustained revenue growth. It also helps more salespeople meet and exceed their quotas.

Sales performance research surfaced insights and best practices that can help companies increase their sales win rate and close more sale opportunities.

Sale methodology research found that the most successful life sciences salespeople have shifted from informal selling to strategic selling backed with a sale methodology. Sellers with optimized sale methodologies achieved an 11% higher sales win rate than those with informal methods.

Sales win rates were further elevated when an optimized sales methodology was integrated with a structured sales process and CRM technology. These three components created the sales trifecta and increased sales win rates 6% above sale methodologies alone.

The Sales Trifecta

Sales research that looked at conversion rates found that sellers who consistently applied sales win plans achieved a 5% higher sales close rate.

Many times, these sales win plans were dynamically updated with guided selling automation and next-best-action recommendations.

Sales Win Plan Conversions

Sales management research reported that active sales coaching delivered significant and sustained performance improvements in the areas of sales conversions, quota attainment, annual revenue growth and salesperson tenure.

In fact, the Best-in-Class sales organizations earned 11% higher sales win rates, 12% higher salesforce quota attainment and 21% year over year revenue growth. They also realized 6% less voluntary sales turnover. The data also showed that sales coaching programs earned 78% ROI on the coaching investment.

Sales Coaching Benefits

Salespeople know what works for them. Sales technology research found that sellers cited five sales technologies that most helped them achieve their goals.

Life science and pharma sales force automation was rated as the most influential technology to drive continuous improvements to sales effectiveness.

Top 5 Sales Technologies

The highest performers were much more adept as leveraging data for sales effectiveness. For example, they would gather data to show what drugs have been prescribed in what areas, often by which physicians or HCPs, and then use that data to correlate with sales strategies and account plans or modify sales processes, local market plans, KOL plans and individual physician plans.

The sales specific business intelligence research also found that the top sales performers were 1.8 times more likely to use dynamic sales dashboards and 4 times more likely to use predictive analytics when compared to lower performing peers.

Sales Predictive Analytics

Applying Best Practices to Accelerate Sales is Our Business

We help pharma, biotech and medical device sales leaders apply evidence-based best practices and sales technologies to drive big increases to the pipeline, improve conversions, help more sellers exceed their quotas and grow year over year revenue.

We know that selling in life sciences is unique. Sellers benefit with technology enablement such as mobility, sales order processing with CPQ, KAM and related account management, samples management with encrypted signature capture, regulated content management, and a 360-degree view that can easily decipher complex associations, such as the relationships between doctors and hospitals or payers, and the relationships that physicians or HCPs hold as KOLs.

Sales managers benefit when all sales activities are automatically managed for regulatory compliance.

Because technology solutions may need to integrate or exist with validated systems, we are GMP certified.

GMP Certification

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A Proven and Repeatable 3-Step Sales Acceleration Framework

Sales Acceleration Framework White Paper

A sales growth framework starts with a strategy that engineers revenue growth. It defines a calculated approach to achieve a growth objective. It applies specific methods to produce the outcomes that most matter and avoids wasting time with activities that don't.

Strategy is a precursor to everything that comes after. Great execution won't get you very far if your strategy is wrong.

This research-based White Paper shares a 3-step Sales Acceleration Framework to shift from inconsistent sales performance to significant and sustained growth.

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